William Allen White Lifeline

William Allen White's desk, 1938
William Allen White with
Theodore Roosevelt
Mary White, age 16
1868 Born in Emporia Kansas, February 10
1882 White's father died
1884 Entered the College of Emporia in Emporia, Kansas
1886 Entered the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas
1892 Became an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star
1893 Married Sallie Lindsay of Kansas City. Wrote Rhymes of Two Friends
1895 Purchased The Emporia Gazette for $3,000
Became a nationally known writer with his editorial What's the Matter With Kansas? and The Real Issue and Other Stories
1899 Published The Court of Boyville
1900 Son William Lindsay White born
1901 Published Stratagems and Spoils
1904 Daughter Mary White born
1906 Published In Our Town and Emporia and New York
1909 Published A Certain Rich Man
Published The Old Order Changeth and A Theory of Spiritual Progress
1912 Went against party lines and supported his good friend Theodore Roosevelt for president
1916 Published God's Puppets
1918 Published In the Heart of a Fool and The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me
1919 Chosen by President Wilson as a special envoy to Russia
1921 Daughter Mary died. Wrote his famous editorial Mary White
1923 Won a Pulitzer Prize for his editorial To an Anxious Friend
1924 Published Woodrow Wilson the Man, the Times, and His Task and Politics, the Citizens Business
1925 Published Calvin Coolidge, the Man Who is President and Same Cycles of Cathay
1926 Published Boys Then and Now
1928 Published Masks in a Pageant
1936 Published What's It All About
1938 Published A Puritan in Babylon
1939 Published The Changing West
1940 Published Defense for America
1944 Died on January 29
1946 Published Autobiography of William Allen White, edited by William L. White


































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