To be included in the KU Core, the department offering a course or educational experience must complete this form to indicate how it will meet the criteria associated with one or more of the learning outcomes. Before beginning this process, you may wish to consider the questions you will be asked and the information you will be expected to provide.  
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Contact Information
Please provide contact information for the primary contact person.

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Course Information

Please check this box to verify that all instructors of this course will include content that enables students to meet KU Core learning outcome(s)?

Please check this box to verify that all instructors of this course will develop and save direct evidence that students have met the learning outcome(s)?

Is this course cross-listed?

Is this course also a degree requirement?

Does this course require any prerequisites?

Certification of Departmental Approval
Has the appropriate person(s) in the department approved that this course can be nominated for inclusion in the KU Core?

Name of person(s) giving departmental approval:
Date of departmental approval:

Connection to the KU Core
In the next section, you will be asked to indicate how this course will meet the criteria associated with one or more of the learning outcomes specified for the given goal. Using the check boxes below, please identify which Goal(s) and Learning Outcome(s) of the KU Core this course meets.  Once you have checked the boxes, clicking "Next" will enable you to complete the process of describing how this course will provide students with appropriate opportunities to achieve the learning outcome(s).
Your course will be evaluated for approval to the KU Core by examining its compatibility with the specific criteria for each learning outcome. Please review all of the criteria for each learning outcome prior to the submission of your course for consideration in the KU core.  

Core Educational Goal #1: Build core skills of critical thinking and quantitative literacy.

Core Educational Goal #2: Strengthen written and oral communication.

Core Educational Goal #3: Develop a background of knowledge across fundamental areas of study.

Core Educational Goal #4: Respect human diversity and expand cultural understanding and global awareness.

Core Educational Goal #5: Practice social responsibility and demonstrate ethical behavior

Core Educational Goal #6: Gain the ability to integrate knowledge and think creatively.