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by Arthur Kopit


Dec. 2-10 1996

The show poster for WINGS
Director - Ronald A. Willis
Designer/Technologist -Mark Reaney
Video Director - Lance Gharavi
Emily - Jennifer Nichols
Amy - Andrea Acosta
Doctor 1 - Ryann Walker
Doctor 2 - Pete Logan
Nurse 1 - Meg Eggers
Nurse 2 - Gloeta Massie
Billy - Tony Fuemmeler
Mr. Brownstein - Brad Douglas
Mrs. Timmons - Maggie Allen
Attendant - Jeff Victor
Behind the Scenes:
Stage Manager - Tuyet Pham
Videography - Karen Dillon
Sound Design - Silas Hoover
Original Music - Scott Murphy
Assistant Designer - Danny Rogevein
Assistant Director - Brian Paulette
Computer Miscellany - Mike Senften
More crew members to be named later!

VR audience

 An audience fitted with i-Glasses! can see live actors onstage and projected images at the same time.

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Our most recent project was to advance the technology and techniques discovered during production of The Adding Machine. We utilized the projected computer graphic system developed for The Adding Machine, but further required that each audience member wear a unique head-mounted display (HMD). The HMD we chose to use was i-glasses! by Virtual i-O. Using i-glasses!, audiences were still able to see live actors on-stage and computer graphics projected onto rear projection screens. However, they were also presented with computer graphics and live video images projected within the HMD.

A view of the main charater

The use of HMDs by an audience in a fully mounted production was another first for the VR On-Stage Project. The "see through" technology of i-glasses! made it possible for the user to see through and around the built-in video screens. Using these new non-immersive HMDs, the audience still maintained a strong connection with the live actors. Furthermore, the communal nature of the theatre experience was not lessened.
Airplane scene

i-glasses! allowed us to present virtual-worlds, computer generated objects and video images directly before the eyes of an audience. Symbolic devices, realistic locals, expressionist images, or even close-ups of the actors were superimposed over the view of the actors. The script chosen for the experiment was Wings by Arthur Kopit. By equipping the audience with i-glasses! we sought to devise an exciting and innovative method of communicating the main character's chaotic state of mind as she suffers a stroke and fights for recovery. We will be publishing detailed accounts of the production in various journals. Keep looking here for updates.
Snowing in the HMDs Emily's memories

Emily's voyage

Click HERE for a quicktime movie about the production! (3.5 Meg)

This project is sponsored in part by The United States Institute for Theatre Technology


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