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Mark Reaney

Scenographer/Virtual World Builder

During the past several years I have explored the use of virtual reality technology as a tool for designing stage sets. As a result, several productions of the University Theatre at the University of Kansas and have been successfully designed using my VR Scenographic methods. For a full description of these projects return to the i.e.VR home page
I have also authored some articles on the topic. Here are a few recent examples.

An Experiment with Digital Lighting in Adding Machine: A Musical, Theatre Design and Technology, 2014

Lighting Simulation in VirtualScenery, Theatre Design and Technology, 2010

The Edge of the Illusion, Theatre Design and Technology, 2004

Virtual Characters in Theatre Production:  Actors and Avatars, Laval Virtual conference, Laval, France, 2001

Digital Scenography: Bringing the theatre into the information age, L'Art et le numerique, 2000

Art in Real-Time: Theatre and Virtual Reality, Ciren Seminars, Paris University 8, 2000

Virtual Reality Sprouts Wings, Theatre Design and Technology, 1998

Virtual Scenography: The Actor, Audience, Computer Interface, Theatre Design and Technology, 1996

Virtual Reality on Stage, VR World, May/June, 1995

The Theatre of Virtual Reality, Theatre Design and Technology, 1992

Three Dimensioanl Designing, Theatre Design and Technology, 1992

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scene from TESLA


Listed in the menu to the left are some reresentative designs from my portfolio. most are traditionally conceived and executed. Many were created with VR technologies. You will find production photos, sketches, screen shots of computer models and VRML models. You can have a real virtual reality experience walking through these models, provided you have an appropriate VRML plug-in for your browser. If you need help, try the VRML Plugin and Broswer Detector for a side by side comparison of VRML tools and adresses for downloading.

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