Here you can download and run the actual virtual settings used in the 1999 production of Machinal. In order to run these files you will need to be working on a Windows or SGI computer.

You will also need to download the latest version of WorldUp Player from the Sense8 product line of Engineering Animation Inc. CLICK HERE

These simulations have the exact geometry and animations of our virtual scenery. They have been reduced in resolution and are not rendered in stereo-optical 3D in order to run faster on your computer.

In order for the virtual environments to run smoothly your computer should be equipped with a 3D graphics accelerator. The faster the better. Be sure to download the player that matches your accelerator (OpenGL or Direct3D).

Soon we may try posting some of these models in VRML.

Episode 1, The Office

Press "H" for home any time. Move through the act curtain and into the office world. Then continue past the office into the world of Helen's fears.

Episode 2, The Kitchen

Press "H" for home any time. Press "D" and see what happens! Press "U" to restore.

Episode 3, The Hotel

Press "H" for home any time. Back up into the Hotel room.

Episode 4, The Hospital

Press "H" for home any time.

Episode 5, The Bar

Press "H" for home any time. Move up to the bar, then press "B" to travel to the other end. There you will see a bottle full of stones, foreshadowing events to come.

Episode 7, At Home

Press "H" for home any time. Press "1", "2", "3" or "4" and see what happens! Move up to the living room then travel downward (right click) to see how the scene transformed itself as Helen decides to rid herself of her husband.

Episode 8, The Trial

Press "H" for home any time.

Episode 9, The Prison

Press "H" for home any time. Press "O" to open the cell door and press "C" to close it. Travel through the cell and the wall behind it to reveal Helen's fate.

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