Theatre - Live on the Web!

Live Theatre on the Web!

We experimented with live webcasting so that we may better understand the medium and discover how the internet may be used to share live theatre performance. Our first experiments involved a live picture streaming from our lab. In December 98 we broadcast some final presentations of our department's directing class.A screen cap from a recent live webcast

In the spring of 1999 we created live broadcasts of various University Theatre productions: Way of the World and Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

The technology we were using was Microsoft's Netshow. This was the precursor to windows NetMeeting and Messenger software.

We final test for our system with live webcasts was KU's University Theatre production of Congrieve's Way of the World, directed and adpated by Ronald A. Willis. The live webcast was conducted Wednesday, March 3 1999 at 8:00 PM CST. Measure for Measure used a single fixed camera located in the control booth of our experimental theatre.  Way of the World borrowed a video feed from our flm class that was busy creating video documentation of the show. This class was using multiple cameras and video switching hardware to create a more polished end product.

KU Film students crewed and directed the video portion of the webcast and we recieved some assistance in serving the live stream from Joel Schonbrunn and the Hypermedia Studio at UCLA.

We have no live webcasts scheduled for the immediate future.
Network technology was under the direction of graduate student Nate Hughes.

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