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On this page we will be sharing the fruits of our labors through the new web medium, virtual reality modeling language or VRML.

VRML is an older 3D format originally designed to add  a VR interface to web pages.  However it is still around and can be ueh now defunct Virtus Corporation. create V simulations of proposed sets such as the example below or even to create real-time projected sceney at very little cost.  Most 3D software packages will allow one to export models in VRL format, both commercial applications such as 3D StudioMax and Cinema4D or free and open source packages such as Blender and Google's SketchUp.

Using VRML, you can share  walkthrough by mounting them on a web page, by e-mailing or by handing out CDs at or between production meetings.

If one should need advanced functions such as special lighting or moving objects, there are several VRML editors that will let you open the files after they haven been created and change parameters.  White_Dune is one such editor. Such editors even allow you to place hyperlinks in models that can be used to jump from scene to scene.


To browse the models on this page you will need a special VRML browser or helper application for your regular web browser. 

For Windows computers and browsers you might try the Cortona VRML plug-in from Parallel Graphics.

Mac users will have a harder time as the Mac community has not kept VRML development on the front burner.  Octaga and InstantReality are good browsers but are stand-alone apps, not plug-ins and therefore will work well with VRML models you develop on your own computer, but will not automatically download textures that accompany web-based VRML.

Here are a few examples of VRML models of shows staged by KU's Uniiversity Theatre.

 Download the VRML model for ALMOST MAINE

In the following model for Tally's Folly there appears to be cast shadows and highlights on many surfaces.  These are not done in real-time in VRML as this is not a function of this somewhat  limited software platform.  Instead, these textures and shadows have bee pre-rendered and applied to the surfaces using "render to texture" or "texture baking" functions which are common to most good quality 3D modeling programs.  after baking the textures the model is then exported to VRML for sharing.  In this case Cinema4D was used as its texture baking functions are extremely easy yo use.

Download the VRML model for TALLY'S FOLLY

And here are a few more models made years ago with software by the now defunct Virtus Corporation..

 Download the VRML model for ASSASSINS

 Download the VRML model for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

 Download the VRML model for A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

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