Our Latest Production!  

 by Joshua Schmidt & Jason Loewith .
Based on the play by Elmer Rice.
 November 15, 2013

Our first VR/Theatre production was 1995's The Adding Machine.  Since then we have made great strides in production. Advances in technology and technique have marked the intervening productions.  Each production demonstrated the use of one or more new techniques and technologies.  In this new musical version of Elmer Rice's classic play we will be revisiting some techniques used to create real-time computer generated scenery albeit with new computers, graphic processors, software and projectors.

The innovation for this project was the use of computer-controlled data projectors to provide the majority of the stage lighting.  Through this technique we explored the possibility of using kinetic graphic images and animations to illuminate the scene, both literally and metaphysically.  In keeping with the "live" nature of our experiments, this animated lighting was controlled in real-time in response to the action on-stage.

ADDING MACH1NE A MUS1CAL was directed by Mechele Leon,
 programScenic and lighting design/technology was conceived by Mark Reaney.

Costumes were designed by Rebecca Damren. 
Animations used in many lighting effects was created by Rana Esfandiary.
Music Director/Accompanist Ryan McCall
Assistant Director/Stage Manager Jenifer


Mr. Zero - Michael Wysong 

Mrs. Zero - Elaina Smith 

Daisy Devore - Hailey Lapin 

Shrdlu - Cale Morrow

Mr. One/Prisoner (Tenor Chorus)  Kevin Smith

Mr. Two/Prison Guard (Bass Chorus)  Kevin Smith

Mrs. Two/Betty/Matron (Alto Chorus)  Jessica Brink

Mrs. One/Mae/Prisoner's Wife (Soprano Chorus)   Nicole Burkhart

The Boss/Fixer/Charles - Blake Beardall

We are delighted to have the support of"

The NVIDIA Academic Partnership Program . nvida logo

and the University of Kansas General Research Fund jay

Some preliminary sketches:  Click to get larger images

   The Zero's bedroom

  The office.           

     Elysian Fields 

Zero's vision of the wife.

The Party at the

Zero's Apartment

The Trial            In Prison

In Zero's heaven.

The Reincarnation



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