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The Institute for Educational Research and Public Service

Faculty Research and Service

The Institute supports School of Education faculty and staff as they seek to secure external funding.




Balancing Community Park's Potential to Facilitate Social Capital and Physical Activity
Examine relationships among park use, social capitol, community identity and physical activity

CAREER: Plant Evolution at Low CO2
Responses of Ice Age Trees

Documenting Cherokee (CHR) Tone and Vowel Length
To accurately represent entry in the 9,000-entry digital Cherokee Electronic Dictionary (CED)

Effects of Leucine and Whey Protein Supplementation

Global Environmental Change & Local Ecosystems
A Kansas MSP-Start Project for P-20 Students

Program Quality and Youth Outcomes
Analysis of the Quality Matters pilot study data

Strong Girls
After-school program for young girls

Suburban Advantage: A Historical Study of Education in Metropolitan Kansas City

U.S. Institute on Women's Leadership
Women's Civic Leadership from the Heartland

The Institute exists to assist School of Education faculty in their pursuit of external funding and to serve the State of Kansas. Major programs areas are:
Educational Opportunity Programs
Faculty Research and Service
Professional Development
Public Service