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New EOP Scholarship Established

Julie Feldt never considered attending college because she knew her family simply couldn’t afford it.


“I never thought about going to college because we didn’t have the money, so I never considered the possibility,” said Feldt, now a University of Kansas senior majoring in physics and astronomy.  “I wouldn’t be here today without financial aid and the help of the Educational Opportunity Programs.”


Recognizing the need for additional financial resources for students like Feldt, the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) at the KU School Education has established a new scholarship to make college possible for first-generation and low-income students.


The Educational Opportunity Programs Scholarship, established at the Kansas University Endowment Association, will provide funds to help these students reach their potential.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled at KU, be a current or former participant in one of the Educational Opportunity Programs and meet other criteria determined by the scholarship committee.


“This is very exciting for EOP,” said Dave Walter, academic advisor.  “We started this scholarship with the hope that it will be here to help for generations to come.”


The EOP was established as part of KU’s ongoing effort to support underrepresented students.  The EOP comprise a cluster of programs, including seven U.S. Department of Education TRIO programs, four GEAR UP programs (for high school students) and one state-funded migrant leadership program. 


Collectively, these programs provide educational information, counseling, academic instruction, tutoring and other supportive assistance to help students overcome academic, economic, social and cultural barriers to higher education.


“I am a big supporter of EOP,” said KU Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Richard Lariviere.  “I am very pleased and full of admiration for the efforts to create an endowed scholarship.”  To show his support for the scholarship effort, Lariviere and his wife pledged $2,000 to encourage others to donate. 


“Visionary efforts like this one are absolutely essential to make these educational opportunities available to everyone,” he said.


For Feldt, the KU student, involvement in the EOP has helped her achieve what were seemingly impossible dreams.  “I’ve made my parents extremely proud,” she said.  “And I’ve gotten to do something I love, which my parents really respect.”


For more information on the individual EOP programs, go to, or to give a gift, visit the KU Endowment website at


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