Where’s my Blackboard site? I know I have one for this course (I saw it recently) but now it is gone?

Your site may be hidden from your My Courses table in your Blackboard view. Blackboard allows you to hide sites from yourself -a useful trick if you have many sites, a headache if your don’t know how to make them visible again.

See the steps below to show your sites again.

Manage My Course Module Settings (Show/Hide your course from My KU Page)
1) Click Manage My Course Module Settings (the gear icon located upper right corner of My Courses)
2) Click the checkbox in the column of Course Name to see the course under My Courses.
3) Click Submit

click to see gear icon

Click to see checkbox next to course

click the image to see the checkbox

Are you a student? If so, make sure the course hasn’t ended.