F.A.Q. for the ‘Student Help’ Category

Where’s my Blackboard site? I know I have one for this course (I saw it recently) but now it is gone?

Your site may be hidden from your My Courses table in your Blackboard view. Blackboard allows you to hide sites from yourself -a useful trick if you have many sites, a headache if your don’t know how to make them visible again.

See the steps below to show your sites again.

Manage My Course Module Settings (Show/Hide your course from My KU Page)
1) Click Manage My Course Module Settings (the gear icon located upper right corner of My Courses)
2) Click the checkbox in the column of Course Name to see the course under My Courses.
3) Click Submit

click to see gear icon

Click to see checkbox next to course

click the image to see the checkbox

Are you a student? If so, make sure the course hasn’t ended.

Why is my Blackboard site in another language?

This is because you accidentally selected Blackboard to appear in another language at Blackboard’s from the login screen.

Go to http://courseware.ku.edu and at the top of this page click the English (United States) link.

I received and error message in Blackboard. How do I clear it?

Occasionally, you may receive an error while working in Blackboard. Click here for solutions to the more common issues experienced by students.

What are some tips for taking assessments in Blackboard?

For the best Blackboard online assessment experience, follow these tips.

I didn’t find an answer to my question on this page; how do I get it answered?

You may submit a question to Instructional Development and Support via the “FAQ Add Question Form” located here We will answer your question as soon as possible.

I have been asked to participate in a Discussion Board. How do I post a message?

First, find the discussion forum in which you are supposed to participate. (If you cannot find it, contact your instructor).

  1. Click on the course in Blackboard and then click on the Discussion Board or the Communication button on the left.
  2. Click the title of the Forum
  3. Click the title of the instructor’s posting (called Thread)
  4. Read his/her question or comment
  5. Click Reply button
  6. Type your answer in the box
  7. Click the Submit button

If you need to post a new topic or question

  1. Click the +Thread button on the upper-left side of the screen
  2. Type your comment or question in thebox
  3. Click Submit button (Avoid using the Save button. This feature does not work properly).

What if I can’t open a file that my instructor has uploaded to Blackboard?

  1. Be sure you are using the correct program or plug-in installed on your computer to open or view the file. Contact your instructor if in doubt.
  2. Ask the instructor to save and upload the file using a different format.
  3. Instead of clicking the link and trying to open the file remotely, you might try right-clicking on the link to save the file to your local machine first, and then open it from your computer.
  4. If you receive a “404 file not found” error, something may be wrong with the file. Before you contact your instructor, please read this:

    If you are using Internet Explorer 8 and cannot access a page in Blackboard, please clear the cache (see instructions below), restart your computer and when accessing Blackboard again, please click the ‘No’ button when you receive this message. Alternatively, try using the Firefox browser to access Blackboard.

    Clearing cache in IE8.

    In the Internet Explorer 8 browser.
    1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    2. Under Browsing history, click Delete.
    2. Select the check box next to Preserve Favorites website data.
    3. Select the check box next to Temporary Internet Files.
    4. Select the check box next to Cookies.
    5. Select the check box next to History.
    6. Select the check box next to Form data.
    7. Select the check box next to InPrivate Filtering data.
    8. At the bottom of window, click Delete.
    9. Internet Explorer, start Internet Explorer again, and then try to access the Web page.

    If you are using Internet Explorer 8 and if you see this message (see image above), please click the ‘NO’ button.

  5. Restart your computer, then, try accessing the file again

I received an error message when taking a test or quiz and now it won’t allow me to re-enter. What should I do?

The best suggestion is to click the Save button at the bottom of the screen on a regular basis, while taking the quiz. This will insure that your quiz session will remain active and will save your progress on the quiz.

Other tips:

  1. Do not use the back button in your browser.
  2. Avoid clicking the cancel button when submitting quiz questions.
  3. If your home computer is connected to the Internet via a dial-up modem or wireless network, consider taking the quiz on campus where high speed access is available.

If you receive an error message while taking the quiz, write the error message down. Send an email to your instructor informing him/her that you had a problem with the quiz. To troubleshoot, please include in your email, the day, time, which quiz, which computer (home, KU), Mac or PC operating system, and the browser you were using while taking the quiz.

Is there anything I can do to make sure I don’t get an error message when submitting a quiz?

For the best Blackboard online assessment experience, follow these tips.

I am not receiving email that my instructor sends through Blackboard. Why not? How can I fix this?

Blackboard only sends email to your KU email address. To view Blackboard email, use your KU email address OR forward your KU email to a non-KU email address.

To forward your KU email to a non-KU email address (eg. Hotmail, yahoo, Google):

  1. Go to http://www.email.ku.edu
  2. Click on the Manage Online Information Management link
  3. Fill out the information on the next screen (forwarding account)

Contact the IT Help Desk 864-8080 if you need assistance.

How do I change my Blackboard email address and password?

Blackboard displays your KU online services account information.
To update this information go to:

Review or modify the settings for your online services. It may take up to a day for the changes to take affect in Blackboard.

I am officially enrolled in a class. Why isn’t it showing up in Blackboard?

1. Your instructor may not be using Blackboard for the course. Ask your instructor if he/she is using Blackboard.

2. Your instructor may not have tied the course roster to his/her Blackboard site. Ask your instructor if he/she has submitted the class number(s) to IDS to have his/her site populated.

3. If you have recently enrolled in this course – be patient. Enrollment information may take up to two days to transfer to Blackboard. For quicker access you can ask your instructor to manually add you to their Blackboard roster.

KUMC students – please contact your instructor

I dropped a course. Why does it still appear in Blackboard?

The instructor must manually remove you from his/her site. Contact the course instructor. We are not authorized to remove students from Blackboard course sites.

Is there a reference that can teach me more about using Blackboard? Where do I go for quick how-to’s?

Yes, there is a handout (Word document) called Blackboard Student Essentials which gives you a brief overview of all of the tools available within Blackboard. Many instructors provide this as a part of their course materials within Blackboard.

Some Blackboard sites also have a Using Blackboard link in the Navigation pane. Using Blackboard contains step-by-step instructions for using Blackboard’s basic features. Go to your Blackboard site to see this link.