F.A.Q. for the ‘Tests’ Category

My students are experiencing problems while taking a Blackboard test. What’s going on?

There are three broad causes to students experiencing problems while taking a Blackboard test.

1) In many cases Blackboard test problems can be traced back to students opening other windows while taking the exam, waiting more than 15 minutes between question saves or submissions, or accidentally clicking the back button while taking the exam. Please include in your Blackboard site this Student Tips for Online Tests and Quizzes handout for students

2) Do not copy and paste from MS Word to create your test questions in Blackboard. This will create problems for students taking the exam including not allowing them to see exam questions and not permitting them to submit their completed exam. This MS office code is especially problematic for Internet Explorer users. Firefox users can usually complete the test without trouble.

Please watch this video for an explanation and fix for this problem http://ids.ku.edu/bb_tools_strategies/test_ms_office/test_ms_office.html (Flash video).

3) Be sure students are using Firefox 3.6+ or the Internet Explorer 8  to take the test. Students may encounter problems if they use other browsers.