F.A.Q. for the ‘User Management’ Category

Why am I having trouble adding users to my Blackboard site?

The tool in Blackboard has changed significantly from previous versions on Blackboard. Be sure you watch this video http://ids.ku.edu/bb_tools_strategies/add_users/add_users.html

Having difficulty viewing this video? Make sure you have the latest version of Flash at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Trying to add a GTA or guest? Look at the other questions in the User Management section of the FAQs.

Is there a way to view my course just as a student would?

You can add a Bogus Student to your course to view how it looks to your students.

First add the bogus student to your course:

  1. Click User in Users and Groups in your site’s Control Panel
  2. Click Find Users to Enroll
  3. Enter  _tempstudent  in the Username field (Note the underscore before the username.)
  4. Choose Student for Role
  5. Click Submit

Now you can log in as _tempstudent:

  1. To log in, go to courseware.ku.edu
  2. Check the Special Users check box
  3. Use _tempstudent as the user name and Bbtemp for the password. (Note the underscore before the username.)

Note: Many instructors use this bogus account.  To avoid confusion (for yourself and others) please remove the Bogus Student from your course when finished.

One of my students is having trouble logging in, what should I do?

First, inform the student of the standard log in procedures and check that the student is going to the correct URL, http://courseware.ku.edu. If the student is still unable to log in, have him or her contact the IT Help Desk at 864-8080

If the student can log into Blackboard but cannot find the course, call IDS at 864-2600 or send us an email at ids@ku.edu and we will assist him/her.

How can I include a guest (non-KU person) in my course?

Non-KU users need a special account to log into Bb. We distribute guest accounts on a limited, case-by-case basis.

Please contact IDS for more information (ids@ku.edu or 864-2600)

How can I update a student’s email address in Blackboard?

Blackboard only sends email to students’ KU email address @ku.edu . We cannot change this. However, a student may forward their KU email to any email address (eg. Hotmail, Yahoo, Google).

To forward their KU email to another address, students need to:

  1. http://www.email.ku.edu
  2. Click on the Manage Online Information Management link

Students may contact the IT Help Desk 864-8080 if they need assistance

How do I add a GTA to my Blackboard site?

1) Click Users and Groups in the Control Panel (Make sure Edit Mode is ON)
2) Click Users
3) Click ‘Find Users to Enroll’
4) Type your user’s Username such as t935s325@ku.edu (this is the KU online ID)

If you do not know the person’s Username, please click Browse button, in the Find Users to Enroll Screen and select Last Name from Search, select Equal to, type last name, and click Go. After you find your user, click the checkbox on the left and click submit

5) Select the appropriate user role from the pull-down menu
6) Select Yes under Enrollment Availability
7) Click Submit

*** If you wish to add a new user, first make sure that he/she is not already in the course. If you wish to modify the status of a user and that person is already in the course, find the user in the Users list and click the drop-down arrow to the right of the user’s name. Select Change Role in Course. Change the users role to TA or Student.

See this video on adding users to your Blackboard site http://ids.ku.edu/bb_tools_strategies/add_users/add_users.html

Why are students who have dropped my course still in the Blackboard roster?

To avoid accidental loss of data (grades, discussions, etc.) students are not automatically deleted from courses. The instructor may remove a student manually from the roster by entering Users and Groups, and Users, from the Control Panel. Click the check box to the right of the user’s name and the the Remove Users from course at the bottom of the screen.

*Remember - when you remove the student from the course, the student’s grade and assignments are also removed*

Newly enrolled students are automatically added to your course.

Why are there no students in my Blackboard course roster?

Blackboard rosters are not populated with students until two days before classes at the beginning of the new semester. If you request a course after this date, your course site will be populated with students within 24 hours from the first working day we receive the 5-digit class number (formerly called the “line number”).

Students are automatically enrolled ONLY if you give IDS the class number/s (formerly called the “line numbers”) for your course*

Submit your Class numbers here at http://ids.ku.edu/req_portal