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Stanley Lombardo
Classics, University of Kansas

"Homer's Light"
Humanities Lecture Series

Thu., Apr. 5, 2001, 12:00am
University of Kansas classics professor and poet Stanley Lombardo explores "Homer's Light" in his Humanities Lecture Series presentation. Lombardo, who published a translation of Homer's Iliad to world acclaim, describes his premise for "Homer's Light":

"Homer's mind, and the world he creates in his poetry are filled with light. In the Iliad, the light is intense, the light of noon, searing and white. In the Odyssey, it is a softer light, the rose-light of dawn, or of the setting sun. As the ancient critic Longinus says, 'The grandeur remains, apart from the intensity.'

The realization that every moment of experience is our luminous, original home?this is the true homecoming in the Odyssey, and the completion of the poetic vision that begins in the raw radiance of the Iliad."

April 5, 2001
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