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Rob Nixon
Rob Nixon
Rachel Carson Professor of English, University of Wisconsin

"Silent Spring 50 Years Later: Is It Still Relevant?"
The Commons – (Idea CafĂ©)

Wed., Oct. 24, 2012, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
RSVP to thecommons@ku.edu required. Lunch provided. Limit 40 guests.
Location: The Commons, Spooner Hall

Rachel Carson's celebrated book, Silent Spring, first appeared in fall 1962. Fifty years later, we have the opportunity to assess her relevance to twenty-first century environmental priorities. Carson, though often prescient, couldn't have foreseen the way the climate crisis, decarbonization, warming oceans, biodiversity loss, and the Anthropocene would dominate today's environmental debates. Nor could she have foreseen the ways in which the Internet would eclipse long-form journalism to become the primary medium for testimony and activism. In the context of our concerns today, which facets of Carson's thinking resonate deeply, and which seem antiquated?

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