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Oral History Workshop

Learning to Hear the Stories VII: Healing Narratives, Undying Words
Oral History Workshop

Mon., Apr. 10, 2006, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Ballroom - Kansas Union
The seventh annual oral history conference sponsored by the Hall Center for the Humanities at University of Kansas will consider the insights yielded by interview-based research in fields of medicine, illness, healing, living with disability, and aging.

As the first part of our title suggests, we are especially interested this year in what we may learn from oral histories of healthcare workers and those who have experienced the spectrum of healthcare issues. How might remembering and telling and hearing such stories heal social bodies in terms of policy, education, and other areas? We wish to explore how hearing the narratives of healers, from those fighting illness, and from those living with illness and/or disability, can heal historical knowledge by revealing forgotten pasts.

The second part of our title hopes to recognize that although our bodies will die, personal narrative offers possibilities for our stories to live on; and for the wisdom of those who come before, to be heard by the ones who come later. Panelists and speakers are yet to be announced, but will include a wide variety of approaches to a topic that plays a role, at some time or another, in all of our stories.

In addition to speakers and panels explicitly addressing the theme, the conference will include sessions concerned with the methods of oral history, and the sharing of oral history projects.

Register by calling 785-864-4798 by March 24.

Sherrie Tucker, American Studies, KU
Julia Good Fox, American Indian Studies, Haskell Indian Nations University
Wk Su M T W Th F Sa

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