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Nancy Baym
Communication Studies

"Personal Connections in the Digital Age"
Workshops : Social Implications of Digital Media Workshop

Thu., Sep. 23, 2010, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: Hall Center Seminar Room

The internet and mobile phones shake up social understandings of relationships, leading many to question the authenticity of mediated interactions, and hence, their effects on our interactions and bonds with others. This talk will identify the core concerns people have about mediation in relational life, situate those concerns in the broader history of new communication media, and address what the evidence to date has to say on these topics.


Our lives are mediated by an ever-increasing array of digital media. Technologies such as computers, mobile phones, and the Internet play ever-more important roles in shaping phenomena as diverse as personal and professional relationships, play and work, artistic production and reception, knowledge and expertise, and local and international relations.


Participants in this workshop will address questions such as: How do we appropriate cell phones, texting, email, and other electronic technologies for interpersonal purposes and with what effects on the nature of interpersonal relationships? How does online community compare with traditional community in terms of shared goals, commitment, and mutual obligations? Do Internet games and other technologies foster personal isolation, help us learn and develop, or have other effects? How well are social institutions (such as the law) able to cope with new behaviors made possible by the Internet and other digital technologies? Online searches deliver information quite differently from former techniques. Does this lead to important differences in how we process and use information?The goal of this workshop is to bring together scholars at KU whose work addresses ethical, philosophical, and social implications of information technologies in these and related areas in order to find points of overlap, foster interdisciplinarity, and stimulate collaborative projects. All sessions will take place in the Hall Center Seminar Room.

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