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Michael J. Everhart
Adjunct Curator of Paleontology, Sternberg Museum of Natural History

The Sternberg Family: Pioneers of Modern Paleontology
New Generation Society of Lawrence (NGSL members only)

Fri., Mar. 15, 2013, 10:00am - 11:00am
Location: Watkins Community Museum, 1047 Massachusetts

Charlie Sternberg and his sons George, Charles, and Levi were the first paleontologists to develop the means of preserving and preparing the remains of prehistoric sea creatures collected in Kansas and exhibited in museums around the world. Join us to learn about the history of the Sternberg museum in Hays and about how many of the Sternberg specimens were partially prepared in the field, then enclosed in a steel-reinforced plaster slab that was later removed in the laboratory. The specimens included giant mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. Charlie and George also used photography to document their work in the field and in their laboratories, leaving a fascinating record of their accomplishments.

Michael J. Everhart has been an adjunct curator of Paleontology at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays since 1998. He is an expert on Late Cretaceous marine fossils of western Kansas. Mike served as a senior science advisor on the 2007 National Geographic IMAX film, Sea Monsters, in addition to documentaries on the Discovery and History channels. He is the author of Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep and Oceans of Kansas - A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea. Both titles were honored as Kansas Notable Books. Mike is also the creator of the educational website, Oceans of Kansas Paleontology. He lives in Derby and comes to us from the speaker's bureau of the Kansas Humanities Council.

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