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Kansas Geological Survey & Fossil Energy Research Activities

New Generation Society of Lawrence (NGSL members only)

Tue., Sep. 9, 2008, 9:30am - 11:30am
Location: Hambleton Auditorium, 1930 Constant Avenue (Just west of Iowa on 19th Street, turn left on Constance)
The KGS (Kansas Geological Survey) has a legislative mandate to study the rock, mineral, and water resources of Kansas and to prepare reports and publications describing the results of such studies. These vary from mapping the kinds of rocks that occur at the surface of the earth to measuring the depth of water in water wells across the state. The Survey also conducts investigations to evaluate industrial mineral potential for construction and road-building materials. Geophysical tools and drilling equipment are used to study areas where underground salt layers have been dissolved by groundwater and may collapse. The KGS initiated a multiyear study of carbon dioxide injection into a shallow oil field near Russell, Kansas. In addition to having great potential to recover oil that otherwise might be left in the ground, carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that may be deliberately injected into subsurface geologic materials (or sequestered) so carbon dioxide is not so concentrated in the atmosphere. Other ongoing energy projects involve the removal of coal bed methane, and upgrading low BTU gas to standards that are acceptable for pipelines.

Following the presentation, we will tour some of the facility and get to see some of the newest research tools being used.

Where: Hambleton Auditorium, 1930 Constant Avenue (Just west of Iowa on 19th Street, turn left on Constance)

Special Instructions: Parking is limited and you must have a KU permit (red or yellow), so arranging a carpool is suggested. Some permits will be available from the Hosts on the day of the presentation. There is no parking without a permit.

Time: 9:30 11:30 am

Cost: $5.00

Note: Some walking, including an optional tour.

Program Contact: Larry Gadt, 856-0361
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