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Joseph Harrington
Creative Works Fellow, English

"Hello From the Future: Narrative Time in a Multi-Genre Life Story"
Seminars : Resident Fellows Seminar

Thu., Nov. 18, 2010, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
RSVP Required; limited to graduate students and faculty.
Location: Hall Center Seminar Room

Harrington will use the Creative Work fellowship to write "Goodnight Whoever's Listening", the final volume of a series of books, collectively titled Dead Mom Scrolls. A story of his mother's life and historical milieu, the project required substantial biographical and historical research. But it is also a creative project, written in innovative textual forms that diverge from the conventions of academic, journalistic, and literary writing. In these respects, it will be unique within the increasingly important field of life writing. Harrington undertook the project due to a lack of memories of his mother. As he began, he found himself patching together a narrative out of the barest scraps of testimony, memory, and evidence. His observations of this process pointed up the piecemeal backing of even the most seamless life story. Dead Mom Scrolls is unique among biographical writing insofar as it negotiates a way between a mistrust of narrative and a deep desire for its promises, for reconnection and order.



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