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Jerry Dobson
Professor of Geography

A Visit with Jerry Dobson
New Generation Society of Lawrence (NGSL members only)

Wed., Apr. 18, 2012, 9:30am - 10:30am
Location: KU Continuing Education Building

Flatter than a pancake??

Kansans know well the popular notion that Kansas is flat.  Yet, any mildly alert observer can see that much of it is quite hilly.  Indeed, the Great Plains Region as a whole is not as flat as most people think it ought to be.  Which really is the flattest state, and where do Kansas and other famously flat o/oo states rank?  Jerry Dobson and Josh Campbell conducted a terrain analysis of the contiguous 48 states.  The big reveal 0/00 will take place at a gathering of the New Generation Society.  Dobson will then tie this particular bit of knowledge into the broader context of what is happening with geography in America today. Come for a good time while being informed on our state's place in the flatness contest!


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