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James Gunn

"Science Fiction Imagines the Digital Future"
Workshops : Social Implications of Digital Media Workshop

Thu., Nov. 18, 2010, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: Hall Center Seminar Room

The focus of this session of the Workshop is the way in which science fiction deals with the unanticipated consequence, which Gunn speculates may be the principal method science fiction uses to produce its scenarios and allow society to consider the human aspects of possible technological and scientific change before it happens.  Or, as editor John W. Campbell suggested, it allows humanity to test possible futures for livability, or to practice in no-practice areas.   A consideration of unanticipated consequences seems particularly appropriate in connection with digital technology, which is changing our culture, and our possible futures, as we watch.

About the Workshop:

The goal of the Workshop on the Social Implications of Digital Media  is to bring together scholars at KU whose work addresses ethical, philosophical, and social implications of information technologies in order to find points of overlap, foster interdisciplinarity, and stimulate collaborative projects.

Attendance is open to all faculty and graduate students.

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