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Introducing New Concepts

Introducing New Concepts: The KU Department of Design
New Generation Society of Lawrence (NGSL members only)

Tue., Mar. 1, 2005, 10:00am
Location: Chamley House, Bob Billings Parkway between Kasold and Crestline on the south side of the street
Mr. Gregory Thomas, Chairman of the Design Department at the University of Kansas, will meet with us at the Chamley House. He will give us a brief history of the building, which he hopes can be converted into a high-tech design laboratory for a new program in his department.
Gregory, who has an outstanding background in academia and the business world, wants his students to work with the business community to form partnerships and alliances. To do this, he wants to create a design company within the department whereby the students would work with half a dozen national companies that have ties to the Kansas City, Lawrence, and Topeka areas.
Join us for a further look at Gregory's exciting plans and what has developed he took over the Design Department last September.
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