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Faculty Colloquium: Laboring Americans

Colloquia : Laboring Americans Colloquium - 2005

Fri., Sep. 23, 2005, 9:00am
Location: Spencer Museum of Art Kress Gallery
9:00 a.m. Gallery walk-through led by John Pultz, Curator of Photography,
Spencer Museum of Art

9:30 a.m. Presentations by KU faculty and discussion

Earl Iversen (Design), ?Feeding Lawrence: Making a Video Installation?

Joshua Rosenbloom (Economics), ?Lies, Damned Lies, and Photographs?

Tony Rosenthal (History), ?What Does ?Work? Have To Do With ?Community???

Ann Schofield (American studies/Women?s studies), ?Bodies at Work?

Catherine Schwoerer (Business), ?Well-being and the Meaning of Work?

Noon Lunch served in front of the museum.

Co-sponsored by the Spencer Museum of Art and the Hall Center for the Humanities.
Since the 1960s, Lee Friedlander has chronicled the American social and cultural landscape. In the process, he has acknowledged the largely anonymous worker, making inventive pictures of the familiar, humdrum, yet overriding nature of work. Lee Friedlander: At Work witnesses the radical change in the American workplace from blue collar to desktop, from heavy industrial labor to finance, telemarketing, and other service jobs. Moreover, Friedlander?s photographs suggest subtle relationships between worker and machine: factory workers become as much a part of the machinery as the tools they use, while office workers gaze perpetually at unseen computer screens.

The Laboring Americans colloquium will offer faculty, students, and the public the opportunity to hear and discuss short presentations in which KU faculty will bring their disciplinary perspective to frame the photographs and their depictions of work within a variety of social, cultural, and historical contexts.
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