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Ann Rowland

"Keats in America"
Special Events – (KU in Wichita)

Thu., Apr. 11, 2013, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
This event is made possible by the generous support of the Lattner Family Foundation, and is co-sponsored by the KU Alumni Association and its Wichita Chapter
Location: Wichita Museum of Art

John Keats, the quintessentially English Romantic poet, developed a reputation and following in nineteenth-century America that far outstripped his reputation in England. American collectors, American money, and an idea of America thus all played an important role in shaping Keats's posthumous reputation and critical reception. The museums, monuments and archives dedicated to Keats around the world today were all originally made possible by American money and initiative at the turn of the twentieth century. A small group of Boston Keats enthusiasts were at the heart of these efforts, and their quirky collections, commemorations and expressions of "Keats love" will be the main focus of this talk. We will examine a period in which literary authors were major celebrities, and poets, in particular, were venerated as saints of a modern, secular age. Taking up the questions of what it means to "love" an author, what it means to "collect" literary artifacts, and why Keats would matter so deeply to an American audience in these years, this talk explores a long-forgotten transatlantic rivalry between the English and Americans as to who knew, loved, and valued Keats best.

In all her work, Associate Professor of English Ann Rowland is interested in the social construction and cultural work of literature: how literary texts are framed, read, given value, as well as how they act on and produce other literary and cultural forms. The major focus of her recent research and scholarship has been on childhood and Romantic literary culture.

We are grateful to the Hall Center Advisory Board members in Wichita for their assistance with this program: Dana Hensley, Carol Nazar, and Martha Selfridge Housholder.

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