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9th Annual Paul Rehak Memorial Symposium in Ancient Art: Roman Villas on the Bay of Naples
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Tue., Mar. 25, 2014, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Co-sponsored by the Department of Classics & the Hall Center
Location: Hall Center Conference Hall

This year the annual Rehak Symposium will feature the following scholars noted for their contributions to our understanding of Roman villas on the Bay of Naples.

  • Michael Thomas, Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy, University of Texas, Austin: "From Vineyard to Amphora: Oplontis B and the Wine Trade on the Bay of Naples"
  • Regina Gee, Assistant Professor of Art History, Montana State University: "The Wall Paintings of Villa A (of Poppaea) at Oplontis: Style Narratives and Movement Patterns"
  • Thomas Howe, Professor of Art History, Southwestern University: "Recent Work at Stabiae: The Panoramic Sensibility in Garden and Seaside Villa"
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