Out in the county lived two people, man and wife. The man was extremely tight with his money. And each time when the wife wanted a little money, the man said, "No, no, I will take the money up with me when I die, I will give it all personally to St. Peter, personally!" And a few years went by and the little wife wanted again a tablecloth or a curtain for her kitchen. "No," he said, "No, no, no! We will take up our cache of money, because when I die, I will give it personally to St. Peter." And it stayed that way for a number of years and the man died. So, six or seven months after he died, well, she thought she would go take a peek on the top floor where he always worked and see what he always did up there. And she didn't have the key and finally she knocked down the door. A large sack hung there made out of bedsheets. It was really big, she thought. And she went in and grabbed the bedsheet and ripped it, and holy smoke, the whole cache of money came out and fell (down) and she stood knee deep in money. And she looked up to heaven and said, "Thank almighty God, he went the other way!