Summer Teaching Positions


Part-time teachers applying for summer teaching positions will be appointed according to a numerical system based on a ten-point scale. To determine priority, points will be deducted (in one or more categories) according to the following schedule:


1 point

         if the applicant taught during the summer within the previous two years

         for each summer previously taught

         if reasonable progress towards the degree has not been made

         for each incomplete grade at the time of application


2 points

         if the applicant taught during the summer immediately preceding the summer of appointment


3 points

         if the applicant is a first-year teacher


4 points

         if the applicant has taught for two continuous summers immediately prior to summer of appointment


5 points

         if the applicant, during the year of application, has reached or exceeded the regular limit of eligible teaching years as defined by Departmental policy, regardless of whether the applicant has been granted an extension by the Department


6 points

         if the applicant plans to terminate employment with the Department at the end of the academic year preceding summer of appointment


7 points

         if the applicant is the recipient of a Summer Fellowship, special award, or other University employment


8 points

         if the applicant is a part-time instructor not regularly enrolled as a graduate student in the Department or has just completed the Ph.D.


If applicants are tied, the applicant who taught most recently defers. If applicants are still tied, the Graduate Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Committee, or its delegates, will consider applications on an individual basis.