KU: First- and Second-year English Program
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Student Essay Award Winners 2011-2012

English 101

Samantha Kearns                                                                                      Instructor: Stefanie Torres

Title of Paper: "The Baby in the Bathwater"

English 102

Jeffrey Carmody                                                                                      Instructor: Claire Echterling

Title of Paper: "Grandma's 600th Birthday and Otehr Calamities of the Cloning Age"

Hannah Glattner                                                                                    Instructor: Nate Williams

Title of Paper: "Learning Styes: A Case to Disregard"

200-Level English Classes

Matthew Trussell                              Instructor: Steve Evans                                         English 203

Title of Paper: Symbols of Yellow Woman in Linda Hogan's 'Aunt Moon's Young Man'"

Christopher Stratman                                     Instructor: Amy Ash                                      English 210

"Random Poetics: Flux and Meaning in the Culutra of Flarf"