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Special Events and Calendar

Fall 2003

August 17
Residence/scholarship halls open
Dining Services Open House - Mrs. E’s,Munch E’s, Oliver & GSP- 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
August 18-20
Brunch & Dinner only
August 21
Classes begin - full meal service begins
September 1
Labor Day holiday - brunch & dinner only
September 12
Last day to reduce meal plan or cancel Towers meal plan
September 17
Customer Appreciation Day
September 19
Jayhawk Spirit Fest (lunch)
September 20
K.U. Open House/Parent's Day
September 24
September Birthday Cakes (lunch)
October 8
National Cookie Month: Cookie/Brownie Dessert bar (dinner)
October 22
October Birthday Cakes (lunch)
Hors d' oeuvres buffet (dinner)
October 23-24
Fall break - brunch & dinner only available at E's
October 31
All Hallow's Eve (lunch)
November 5
Sandwich Day: Sub sandwich bar (lunch)
November 12
November Birthday Cakes (lunch)
November 19
"Bountiful Harvest" Thanksgiving Dinner at all dining centers
November 25
Residence/scholarship halls close for Thanksgiving break - last meal is dinner
November 26-30
Thanksgiving break
November 30
Residence/scholarship halls reopen
December 1
Full meal service resumes
December 3
December Birthday Cakes (lunch)
December 10
Souper Supper: Assorted soups with bread bowls and toppings (dinner)
December 12
Stop Day - brunch & dinner only
"Winter Toyland" (brunch)
December 19
Last day of final exams. Residence/scholarship halls close for winter break - last meal is dinner

Spring 2004

January 20
Residence/scholarship halls open
January 21
Meal service begins - first meal is brunch
January Birthday Cakes (lunch)
January 23
Classes begin - full meal service begins
January 28
Coca-Cola Soda Fountain first patented in 1870: 50's theme with soda (dinner)
February 11
Food Fair at Oliver Hall dining center
February 13
Last day to reduce meal plan or cancel Towers meal plan
February 18
Black History Month: Ethnic/cultural favorites (dinner)
February 25
February Birthday Cakes (lunch)
March 1-31
"National Nutrition Month" events
March 11
"Strawberry Decadence": Assorted strawberry delights (dinner)
March 17
March Birthday Cakes (lunch)
March 20
Halls close for spring break - last meal is brunch
March 28
Residence/scholarship halls reopen
March 29
Full meal service resumes - first meal is breakfast
April 9
"Take me out to the Ballgame": Baseball food/snack favorites (dinner)
April 14
World's Fair (dinner)
May 14
Stop Day - brunch & dinner only
May 21
Last day of final exams. Residence halls close at 11:00 p.m. - last meal is dinner
May 23

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