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The Educational Opportunity Program Scholarship



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Center for Educational Opportunity Programs
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A new scholarship for underrepresented students

For some students, even a small amount of financial assistance can mean the difference between enrolling in classes and being unable to move forward with their educational goals. To help students in its Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) reach their potential, KU seeks gifts to create a new endowed scholarship fund. Eligibility for assistance from the fund is based on the following criteria:

• current KU student status;
• status as a current or former participant in one of the EOP programs at KU;
• additional criteria (e.g., appropriate progress toward a degree) determined by the EOP Scholarship Committee.

The fund may provide support for one or more students, depending on available funds, student need and other factors. At this time, the proposed name for the scholarship is the Educational Opportunity Programs Scholarship. Should a major donor come forward, the fund may be named for that donor or for someone the donor wishes to honor.

KU is part of the national effort to help underrepresented students succeed in college. Its Educational Opportunity Programs serve nearly 4,000 program participants each year. Services include tutoring, test-taking workshops, campus visits, academic advising, events and trips, and partnerships with more than 70 community agencies and schools in the area. The programs span the Kansas City-Lawrence-Topeka region, serving KU students, middle school and high school students, adults enrolling in GED and postsecondary programs, and low-income veterans.

The Educational Opportunity Programs comprise a cluster of programs including seven U.S. Department of Education TRIO programs, four GEAR UP programs (for high school students) and one state-funded migrant student leadership program.

For more information about the scholarship email or visit the KU Endowment Association website.