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Center for Educational Opportunity Programs
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The GEAR UP Program

We are well aware that our GEAR UP Staff cannot prepare our student cohorts for postsecondary educational opportunities, alone.  Parents and teachers are vital components to our student cohorts’ academic success.  As former classroom teachers, our staff is aware of the awesome responsibilities teachers have to academically prepare our students for their futures, and we are aware that many parents do not have the knowledge or the resources to guide their students through the college admissions process.  So, we are a resource for our parents and teachers.  We develop our programming on the premise that we can empower our students by empowering their parents and their teachers.

We are a resource to our parents by supporting them through the “college admissions” process which starts with preparation for college.  We accomplish this by distributing “College Knowledge” through our quarterly newsletters and meetings.  We also accomplish this by inviting parents to all campus visits and college fairs.  At times we also play the role of liaison between the schools and our parents.

Our students must take college preparatory courses and excel in them.  They must have competitive grade point averages, and perform well on college entrance exams.  Preparation for all of this, mainly takes place in the classroom.  We support our teachers by introducing and helping them to implement and master “Learning Strategies” and “Content Enhancement Routines” developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. 

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