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Phone: (785) 864-3415
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Center for Educational Opportunity Programs
305 J.R. Pearson Hall
1122 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

The Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) serves low income and first generation individuals who need assistance with enrolling in a GED program and postsecondary educational program of their choice (i.e. vocational, community college, university).  Services provided include GED enrollment assistance, academic and career counseling, and admissions and financial aid assistance. The mission of the EOC is to provide free services to help individuals with accessing educational opportunities.

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) provides intensive basic skills development and short-term remedial courses for military veterans to help them successfully transition to postsecondary education. VUB assists veterans by providing academic and career counseling, academic refresher courses, and assistance with financial aid and school applications. In addition, veterans learn how to secure support from available resources such as the Veterans Administration and other local agencies that serve veterans.