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University of Kansas
Upward Bound Program
Student Center

UB Council Representatives

As chosen members representing your Upward Bound peers, you will embark on limitless possibilities to create the best imaginable upward bound. This information will serve as a guide for tasks, information and responsibilities for the upcoming year. The future is yours! Create, imagine, and produce!

Government position responsibilities


  • ( 2.5 GPA, 2 years in program, 1 summer)
  • The president will serve as a liason between the students and the U.B. Staff.
  • He or she will also serve as the spokesperson at all council events, professional meetings and provide updates from discussions at staff meetings, ect.
  • Will give reports at UB meetings when neccessary.

Vice President

  • ( 2.5 GPA, 1 year in program, 1 summer)
  • The vice president will serve as the head facilitator at all UB council meetings.
  • Will facilitate all democratic processes within the council.
  • Vice president serves as the head of the council commitee or appoints an additional head if there are multiple commitees.


  • (2.0 GPA, 1 Summer)
  • The secretary will make all necessary announcements and updates.
  • Will provide a summary of disscusions from UB Council meetings.
  • The secretary will facilitate communication between the UB council members.
  • Will serve as the coordinator for the listserve.

Seargant at arms

  • (2.0 GPA, 1 Summer)
  • Keep order at all UB coucil meetings.
  • Serve also as member at large.


Goals for the governing body
1) Create Listserve
2) Help w/ Newsletter
3) Recruitment
4) Plan activities for summer
5) Create new initiatives, projects, community service and fundraisers.
6) Plan something for the 20th anniversary
7) Enforce rules and policies


Important Clause

All decisions, activities, and actions of the UB council will be reviewed and must be approved by the Upward Bound Staff. It is important to communicate regularly with staff members and provide updates.


Upward Bound
School of Education
305 Joseph R. Pearson Hall
1122 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

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