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The University of Kansas
Math and Science Center

MSC Student Policies


Each student is required to attend all academic advising sessions, Campus Experience Institutes, workshops, and required tutoring in order to maintain the status of a regular participant. 

Students are allowed to miss one required Math and Science Center function each semester due to school- or education-related activities.  Should a student have a school- or education-related conflict, he or she must inform the program staff in advance.  If a student misses a session and does not notify the program staff prior to the absence, he or she will not receive a stipend, and his or her place in the program will be in jeopardy.


Any Math and Science Center student who is not demonstrating a sincere commitment to his or her education will either be placed on probation or be removed from the program.


The program staff will distribute stipends for students in good standing.  Students who fail to meet any of the above expectations or requirements will not receive a stipend.


Students who at any time earn below a “B” in any of the core high school courses, such as English, science, math and social science are required to attend weekly tutoring sessions.  Students who are required to attend tutoring will be allowed no more than one absence from tutoring each month.


Students must communicate effectively and regularly with the program office.  This includes reading mail, returning phone calls, returning mail, and similar activities.  Students must notify the program staff when they move, change phone numbers, or when any contact information changes.  Students are required to provide original grade reports to the program staff when requested.