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The Math & Science Center was established in the School of Education at the University of Kansas in the Winter of 1995. The program is funded by a Math and Science Upward Bound grant from the United States Department of Education and is funded to serve 55 students from Eudora, Kansas City, Kansas Lawrence, and Topeka. The program has successfully identified and selected students from these communities, who have an interest in pursuing a college degree in a math or science related area.

Since the initial award in 1995 the program has been refunded three times.  Currently the KU Math and Science Upward Bound grant is funded through 2012.

Academic Year

During the academic year the MSC program provides numerous services to students.  Program Academic Advisors meet with students on a monthly basis to help students perform better academically, set goals, review transcripts, sign up for classes, and prepare for college.  Campus Experience Institutes (CEI's) are held twice a semester and are required of all students.  CEI's often include workshops, campus visits, educational field trips, and guest speakers.  Additional services during the academic year include tutoring, college campus visits, parent workshops, and ACT preparation activities.

Summer Program

The Summer Institute is a six-week residential program held at The University of Kansas. Students enroll in classes designed to improve academic skills and prepare for college. Other activities include cultural events, guest speakers, and educational field trips. Swimming, volleyball, basketball, and a variety of recreational endeavors provide a nice break from studying.

Bridge Program

The Bridge summer program is for students who have just graduated from high school and are entering a postsecondary institution.  This program allows students who have completed the Math and Science Center program to take six college credit hours at the University of Kansas in the summer following their high school graduation.  The Math and Science Center pays for all tuition, fees, books, housing, and dining expenses for students selected to participate.  This program is designed to provide students with support during the transition between high school and college in hopes that students will have successful postsecondary outcomes.

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