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The Essentials of College/Technical Planning

This workshop introduces participants to educational opportunities in general and EOC services in particular. This "how-to approach" on college preparation will also cover the admissions and financial aid process.

Career Exploration
This is a self-exploration workshop. Participants will begin to focus on possible careers that fit their interests, skills and job values. Additional topics include: 1) attending college versus alternative paths; 2) discussion of past careers and potential ideas for future ones; 3) discussion and clarification of values, attitudes, and abilities; and 4) discussion on future employment trends and career decision making aids.

Finding the Cash: Understanding the Financial Aid Process
This workshop provides an overview of the financial aid process. Students will be introduced to the Student Aid Report, award letter process, loans, educational expenses, renewal forms, and other relevant forms. Participants will learn strategies to reduce expenses, avoid unnecessary debt manage essential loans.

"Why Do You Do What You Do?" (Personal Interaction Theory-PIT)
This workshop will allow participants to identify their strengths through the development of a personal behavioral style profile. It will explore how we are different from others as well as ways to better understand and respect those differences.

"I am a Leader: Hear Me Roar!" (Leadership Development)
This workshop will allow participants to increase their understanding of leadership. How are you already a leader? How can you become a better leader? These questions and more will be answered at this workshop.

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" (Developing Our Communication Skills)
This workshop will provide participants with helpful information on how to improve their communication skills. The art of the communication process will be discussed with activities designed to increase awareness of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

"TIME OUT" for Time Management
This workshop will show participants how practicing time management can become a habit that will allow more time for enjoyable activities. This workshop provides solutions for making efficient use of limited hours. Participants will learn how to balance their time among family, friends, school, and personal needs. Utilizing effective study skills to make the most out of limited time will also be discussed.

Goal Setting: Developing a Plan for your Life Journey
This workshop will provide participants with the tools necessary to establish specific measurable life goals. Strategies for achieving both short and long-term goals will be discussed. Each participant will develop a personal plan of action for achieving goals.