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Job Candidates

2014/2015 Job Candidates

Fields of Specialization
Dissertation Title Job Market Paper Vita References

Andrew Keinsley

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Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Inflation-Protected Taxes and Monetary Dominance

Inflation-Protected Income Taxes and Monetary Dominance* CV

Shu Wu
John Keating
Brian Staihr

Eric Hoffmann

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Game Theory,
Economic Theory
"Essays on Games of Strategic Substitutes with Incomplete Information" Global Games Selection in Games with Strategic
Substitutes or Complements
CV Neal Becker
Bernard Cornet
Tarun Sabarwal
Joe Sicilian

Boniface Yemba

(web page)

Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Monetary Economics, International Economics, and Fiscal Policy Three Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Tax and Monetary Policy Rules in a Small Open Economy with disaggreated Government Purchases: Impact on Welfare, Real Exchange Rate and Business Cycles

CV William Barnett
John Keating
Shu Wu
Brian Staihr