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Job Candidates

2013/2014 Job Candidates

Fields of Specialization
Dissertation Title Job Market Paper Vita References

Hajar Aghababa

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Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International Economics

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis and Chaos Structure in Energy Markets

Nonlinear Structure in Time Series of the Energy Markets CV William Barnett
Ted Juhl
Shu Wu
John Keating

Anne-Christine Barthel

(web page)

Microeconomic Theory,
Game Theory,
Industrial Organization

  Extending the Scope of Monotone Comparative Statistics Results CV

Neal Becker
Bernard Cornet
Tarun Sabarwal
Joe Sicilian

Julia Brandes     Renewable Portfolio Standards and the Financial Performance of Electric Utilities CV Neal Becker
Dietrich Earnhart
Donna Ginther

Lili Chen

(web page)

Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy,
Financial Market'
Financial Economics

Three Essays on EmpiricalMacroeconomics and FinancialMarkets   CV William Barnett
Jianbo Zhang
Aaron Foster

Eric Hoffmann

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Game Theory,
Economic Theory
"Essays on Games of Strategic Substitutes with Incomplete Information" Global Games Selection in Games with Strategic
Substitutes or Complements
CV Neal Becker
Bernard Cornet
Tarun Sabarwal
Joe Sicilian

Yusufu Kamara

(web page)

  An Investigation of the effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa”


CV Mohammed El-Hodiri
Ted Juhl
Shu Wu

Andrew Lee Smith

(web page)

Macro and Monetary Economics,
Financial Economics,
Time Series Econometrics
Monetary Policy in Financial Economies House Prices, Heterogeneous Banks and
Unconventional Monetary Policy Options
CV John Keating
Shu Wu
Elizabeth Asiedu
William Barnett
Danai Tanamee         Elizabeth Asiedu
Shu Wu
Toshiyuki Wakana

Macroeconomics, Econometrics,
International Economics

  Estimating Permanent and Transitory
Components of Economic Recovery from
Banking Crises
CV Shigeru Iwata
Brian Staihr
Jianbo Zhang