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Law Faculty

The law faculty is composed of honor graduates from law schools throughout the country. Virtually all have substantial experience in private or public interest practice. Many served as judicial clerks — 2 as clerks to Supreme Court justices.

Law faculty members are committed to excellence in the classroom and to mentoring law students. Students are encouraged to consult their professors regularly about their progress in the study of law as well as about career plans, job opportunities, and the professional responsibilities of lawyers. Law faculty offices are located throughout Green Hall, and doors are open to students.

Faculty members enrich their teaching by researching and writing about the areas of law they teach. They regularly participate in conferences and symposia, publish widely in legal journals, and enjoy national and international recognition for the quality of their work. Many have written important treatises and casebooks used at law schools around the country.

  • Raj Bhala. Associate Dean and Rice Distinguished Professor. A.B., Duke, 1984; M.Sc., London School of Economics, 1985; M.Sc., Oxford, 1986; J.D., Harvard, 1989. Marshall Scholar, 1984-86. International Trade Law, International and Comparative Law, Islamic Law, Public International Law.

  • Charles A. Briscoe. Clinical Associate Professor. B.S., Kansas State, 1969; M.A., J.D., Kansas, 1971, 1975. Legal Aid Clinic, Trial Advocacy.

  • Elizabeth Seale Cateforis. Clinical Associate Professor. B.A., Smith, 1985; J.D., Kansas, 1994. Capital Punishment, Project for Innocence and Post-Conviction Remedies.

  • Shelley Hickman Clark. Clinical Associate Professor. B.A., J.D., Kansas, 1971, 1976. Historic Preservation, Legal Aid Clinic.

  • Derrick Darby. Associate Professor of Philosophy (affiliated). B.A., Colgate, 1988; M.A., Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1990, 1996. Philosophy of Law.

  • Michael J. Davis. Centennial Teaching Professor of Law. B.A., Kansas State, 1964; J.D., Michigan, 1967. Land Development, Lawyering, Property.

  • Phillip E. DeLaTorre. Professor of Law. B.A., Kansas, 1975; J.D., Harvard, 1978. Estates and Trusts; Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Law; Property.

  • Martin B. Dickinson. Robert A. Schroeder Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., Kansas, 1960; M.A., Stanford, 1961; J.D., Michigan, 1964. Estate Planning, Taxation.

  • Christopher R. Drahozal. Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Development, and John M. Rounds Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., Washington, 1983; J.D., Iowa, 1986. Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Law, Contracts.

  • Judge Robert W. Fairchild. Visiting Professor from the Judiciary. B.A., Texas Tech, 1970; J.D., Kansas, 1973. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • Webster L. Golden. Visiting Professor from Practice. B.A., Kansas, 1966; J.D., Virginia, 1969. Business Planning.

  • David J. Gottlieb. Professor of Law. B.A., Oberlin, 1969; J.D., Georgetown, 1974. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Immigration/Asylum Law Clinic, International Human Rights, Professional Responsibility.

  • Chelsi Hayden. Lecturer in Law. B.A., J.D. Kansas, 1998, 2001. Lawyering Skills. 

  • John W. Head. Robert W. Wagstaff Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., Missouri, 1975; B.A. Juris, Oxford, 1977; J.D., Virginia, 1979. Comparative Law, International Commerce and Investment, Public International Law.

  • Edwin W. Hecker Jr. Professor of Law. B.A., Oakland, 1966; J.D., Wayne State, 1969; LL.M., Harvard, 1970. Business Associations, Mergers and Acquisitions.

  • Laura J. Hines. Professor of Law. A.B., Brown, 1987; J.D., Michigan, 1991. Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation.

  • Virginia Harper Ho. Associate Professor of Law. B.A., M.A., Indiana, 1995, 1997; J.D., Harvard, 2001. Chinese Law, Corporate Governance, Corporate Law.

  • Michael H. Hoeflich. John H. and John M. Kane Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., M.A., Haverford, 1973; M.A. (by Grace), Ph.D., Cambridge, 1976, 2001; J.D., Yale, 1979. Contracts, Copyright, Law and the Arts, Legal History, Professional Responsibility.

  • M.A. Kautsch. Professor of Law. B.A., J.D., Iowa, 1968, 1971. Media Law, Media Law Clinic, Torts.

  • Pamela V. Keller. Clinical Associate Professor. B.A., Pennsylvania, 1990; J.D., Kansas, 1993. Judicial Clerkship Clinic, Lawyering, Moot Court.

  • Elizabeth Kronk. Associate Professor of Law. B.S., Cornell, 2000; J.D., Michigan, 2003.

  • Richard E. Levy. J.B. Smith Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., M.A., Kansas, 1978, 1980; J.D., Chicago, 1984. Administrative Law, Introduction to Constitutional Law.

  • Quinton D. Lucas. Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. A.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2006; J.D., Cornell, 2009. Contracts, Business Associations.

  • Stephen W. Mazza. Interim Dean and Professor of Law. B.S., Samford, 1989; J.D., Alabama, 1992; LL.M., NYU, 1993. Tax Policy, Tax Procedure, Taxation.

  • Stephen R. McAllister. Professor of Law. B.A., J.D., Kansas, 1985, 1988. Constitutional Litigation, Introduction to Constitutional Law, Torts.

  • Sandra Craig McKenzie. Professor of Law and Director, Elder Law LL.M. Program. B.A., J.D., New Mexico, 1971, 1974. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Local Government, Property.

  • Lumen N. Mulligan. Professor of Law. B.A., Kansas, 1995; M.A., Colorado, 1999; J.D., Michigan, 2002. Civil Procedure, Civil Rights Litigation, Federal Courts, Federal Jurisdiction.

  • Uma Outka. Associate Professor of Law. B.A., Virginia, 1995; M.A., Southern Maine, 2005; J.D., Maine, 2005. Energy Law, Environmental Law.

  • Joyce A. McCray Pearson. Associate Professor of Law and Director, Law Library. B.A., Wichita State, 1980; J.D., Washburn, 1989; M.L., Washington, 1990. Advanced Legal Research, Law and Literature.

  • John C. Peck. Connell Teaching Professor in Kansas Law. B.S., Kansas State, 1968; J.D., Kansas, 1974. Contracts, Family Law, Land Transactions, Water Law.

  • Jean Gilles Phillips. Clinical Associate Professor. B.A., Augustana, 1987; J.D., Kansas, 1990. Criminal Procedure, Project for Innocence and Post-Conviction Remedies.

  • Dennis D. Prater. Connell Teaching Professor in Kansas Law. B.A., J.D., Kansas, 1969, 1973. Advanced Litigation, Evidence.

  • Joyce Rosenberg. Lecturer in Law. B.A., Boston Univ., 1992; J.D., Kansas, 1996. Lawyering.

  • Elinor P. Schroeder. Paul. E. Wilson Distinguished Professor of Law. B.A., J.D., Michigan, 1968, 1974. Disability Law, Employment Discrimination Law, Employment Law, Labor Law.

  • Jan Sheldon. Courtesy Professor of Law. B.A., M.A./Ph.D., J.D., Kansas, 1970, 1974, 1977. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Juvenile Law.

  • Elizabeth Brand Six. Director of Academic Resources, Lecturer in Law. B.A., Indiana, 1989; J.D., Stanford, 1992. Lawyering.

  • Thomas G. Stacy. Professor of Law. B.A., J.D., Michigan, 1980, 1983. Conflict of Laws, Criminal Law, First Amendment,
    Introduction to Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence.

  • Ellen E. Sward. Professor of Law. B.A., Cincinnati, 1970; J.D., Harvard, 1979. Civil Procedure, Federal Courts.

  • Andrew W. Torrance. Associate Professor of Law. B.Sc., Queen’s Univ. (Ontario), 1991; A.M., Ph.D., J.D., Harvard, 1994, 1997, 2000. Biodiversity Law, Intellectual Property, Patent Law.

  • Suzanne Valdez. Clinical Associate Professor. B.S., Nevada (Las Vegas), 1991; J.D., Kansas, 1996. Criminal Prosecution Clinic, Externship Clinic, Practice in Kansas, Pretrial Advocacy.

  • Stephen J. Ware. Professor of Law. B.A., Pennsylvania, 1987; J.D., Chicago, 1990. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Contracts.

  • William E. Westerbeke. Professor of Law. B.A., Bowdoin, 1964; M.A., Middlebury, 1968; J.D., Stanford, 1970. Products Liability, Torts, Workers’ Compensation.

  • Melanie D. Wilson. Associate Professor of Law. B.A., J.D., Georgia, 1987, 1990. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence.

  • Corey Yung. Associate Professor of Law. B.A., Iowa, 1999; J.D., Virginia, 2002.

For more information about law faculty members, go to the Faculty section of the law school’s website.

Emeritus Faculty Members

  • Robert C. Casad. John H. and John M. Kane Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law. B.A., M.A., Kansas, 1950, 1952; J.D., Michigan, 1957; S.J.D., Harvard, 1979.

  • George C. Coggins. Frank Edwards Tyler Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law. B.A., Central Michigan, 1963; J.D., Michigan, 1966. Energy and Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law, Public Land Law.

  • Francis H. Heller. Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law. M.A., J.D., Ph.D., Virginia, 1941, 1941, 1948.

  • Keith G. Meyer. E.S. and Tom W. Hampton Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law. B.A., Cornell College, 1964; J.D., Iowa, 1967. Agriculture Law, Commercial Law.

Library Faculty Members


  • Ashly LoBurgio Basgall. Faculty Services, Senior Researcher. B.A., J.D., Kansas, 2001, 2011; M.A., Wyoming, 2008.

  • Joyce A. McCray Pearson. Associate Professor of Law and Director, Law Library. B.M.E., Wichita State, 1980; J.D.,
    Washburn, 1989; M.L., Washington, 1990.

  • Allison C. Reeve. Cataloging and Technical Services Librarian. B.A., Kansas, 2006; M.L.I.S., M.A.F.L.L., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011.

  • Christopher L. Steadham. Interim Associate Director, Law Library; Faculty Services and Research Librarian. B.A., J.D., Kansas, 2001, 2004; M.L.I.M., Emporia State, 2007.

  • Pamela M. Tull. Head of Public Services. B.S., M.L.S., Emporia State, 1975, 1994.

  • W. Blake Wilson. Instructional and Research Services Librarian, B.A., Missouri (Kansas City), 2000; M.A., J.D., Missouri, 2004.

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