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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree Requirements

A total of 128 credit hours is required for the B.S. degree in computer science, as follows:

Computer Science (66 hours)

EECS 101 New Student Seminar 1
EECS 140 Introduction to Digital Logic Design 4
EECS 168 Programming I 4
EECS 268 Programming II 4
EECS 368 Programming Language Paradigms 3
EECS 388 Computer Systems and Assembly Language 4
EECS 448 Software Engineering I 4
EECS 510 Introduction to the Theory of Computing 3
EECS 581 Computer Science Design I 3
EECS 582 Computer Science Design II 3
EECS 560 Data Structures 4
EECS 645 Computer Architecture 3
EECS 660 Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms 3
EECS 662 Programming Languages 3
EECS 665 Compiler Construction 4
EECS 678 Introduction to Operating Systems 4
Senior electives (EECS 563, EECS 638, EECS 647, EECS 648, EECS 649, EECS 672, EECS 690, and any EECS course numbered 700 or above. Under unusual circumstances, other courses can be considered but only with an accompanying petition.) 12

Mathematics (22 hours)

MATH 121 Calculus I 5
MATH 122 Calculus II 5
MATH 223 Vector Calculus 3
MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra 2
MATH 526 Applied Mathematical Statistics I 3
EECS 210 Discrete Structures 4

Basic Science (11 hours)

PHSX 211 General Physics I 4
PHSX 212 General Physics II 4
Natural science elective (1 course, minimum of 3 hours) chosen from the following list: ASTR 391, BIOL 150, BIOL 152, CHEM 150, CHEM 184, CHEM 188, GEOG 104 and GEOG 105 (together count as one course), GEOG 304, GEOL 101 3

English (9 hours)

ENGL 101 Composition
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing 3
ENGL 362 Foundations of Technical Writing (3) or
A 200-level English course (3)
(ENGL 362 is strongly recommended as the third course when enrollment is possible.)

Communication (3 hours)

COMS 130 Speaker-Audience Communication 3

Humanities/Social Science Electives (18 hours)

3 humanities courses selected from at least 2 different departments 9
3 social science courses selected from at least 2 different departments 9
Humanities/social science electives should be selected from the list of principal courses or honors principal courses in humanities and social sciences. Any course designated H or S with a principal course as a prerequisite is also acceptable. Western civilization (HWC) and non-Western culture courses also count as humanities courses.  

Professional Electives (3 hours)

1 course from the following list of approved technical, scientific, and professional courses: 3

Credit for Foreign Language. Foreign language courses (other than English or a student’s native language) may be used for up to 6 credit hours of humanities/social sciences electives.

Credit for ROTC Courses. Up to 6 hours of ROTC may be petitioned to count toward the professional elective requirement.

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