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Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

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First- and Second-Year Preparation

The following are recommended enrollments:

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Degree Requirements

A total of 165 credit hours is required for the degree. Substitutions may be made only by submitting a petition to the academic adviser for the department's and school’s consideration. The student's design experience is developed throughout all five years of the undergraduate curriculum, beginning with the introductory course and continuing with required architectural, structural, illumination, power, HVAC, and construction management courses. Each student also takes elective design courses in the selected emphasis; a list of elective courses is available on the CEAE website. In the fifth year, 2 capstone design courses, ARCE 680 and ARCE 681, are required. These integrate the overall design experience for the student. In the first course, the student designs the structural, mechanical, illumination, and power distribution systems for a building. In the second, the student focuses on design projects in his or her area of emphasis and often takes part in a national student design competititon.

Students in good standing who want to earn a professional Master of Architecture degree in addition to the B.S. in architectural engineering should notify the School of Architecture, Design and Planning of their intention to pursue both degrees before the third year and discuss it with their ARCE adviser so that electives can be chosen carefully.

Mathematics (18 hours)

MATH 121 Calculus I 5
MATH 122 Calculus II 5
MATH 220 Applied Differential Equations 3
MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra 2
MATH 526 Applied Mathematical Statistics 3

Basic Sciences (16 hours)

PHSX 211 General Physics I 4
PHSX 212 General Physics II 4
CHEM 150 Chemistry for Engineers (5) or
CHEM 184 Foundations of Chemistry (5)
Basic science elective 3

English (6 hours)

ENGL 101 Composition
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing 3

Humanities/Social Science (15 hours)

ARCH 540 History of Architecture I: Ancient and Medieval Architecture 3
ARCH 541 History of Architecture II: Renaissance to Enlightenment 3
ARCH 542 History of Architecture III: Modern 3
Humanities elective 3
Social science elective 3

Engineering Science (37 hours)

ARCE 217 Computer-Assisted Building Design 3
CE 301 Statics and Dynamics 5
CE 310 Strength of Materials 4
ME 312 Basic Engineering Thermodynamics 3
CE 461 Structural Analysis 4
EECS 315 Electric Circuits and Machines 3
ARCE 350 Building Materials Science 3
CMGT 357 Engineering Economics 3
ME 510 Fluid Mechanics 3
ARCE 660 Building Thermal Science 3
Engineering science elective 3

Engineering Design (45 hours)

ARCE 101 Introduction to Architectural Engineering 3
CMGT 500 Construction Engineering 3
ARCE 640 Power Systems Engineering I 3
ARCE 650 Illumination Engineering I 3
ARCE 661 HVAC&R Systems Design 3
ARCE 680 Architectural Engineering Design I 6
ARCE 681 Architectural Engineering Design II 6
CE 562 Design of Steel Structures 3
CE 563 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3
Engineering design electives 6
Architectural or engineering design electives 6

Architectural Design (22 hours)

ARCH 100 Architectural Foundations I 4
ARCH 101 Architectural Foundations II 6
ARCH 200 Architectural Foundations III 6
ARCH 626 Building Technology I: Construction Systems and Assemblies 3
ARCH 627 Building Technology II: Culture of Building Technology 3

Professional and Computer Skills (6 hours)

EECS 137 Introduction to Computing: Visual Basic for Engineers
Professional skills elective 3

Credit for ROTC Courses. 3 credit hours may be used as the professional skills electives. The student must complete an ROTC program.

Credit for Foreign Language. A maximum of 6 credit hours of foreign language may count toward the B.S. ARCE:

  1. Humanities elective (3 hours).
  2. Professional skills elective (3 hours).

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