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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Geography

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Geography Programs

The B.A., B.G.S., and B.S. in geography provide general liberal arts enrichment, preparation for graduate work, and training for careers in geography and related fields. Geography may be combined with another program as a double major, or courses in another area may simply be added to those in geography.

First- and Second-Year Preparation

Students should begin the major by meeting the core requirements and preparing for major courses.

Requirements for the B.A. or B.G.S. Major

Students electing a B.A. or B.G.S. degree program must meet all College principal course distribution and course requirements. The following minimum core of 15 to 16 hours, which must include specified courses, is required of all B.A. and B.G.S. majors in geography.

Core Requirements 15 hours
  • GEOG 100 World Regional Geography (3) or
    GEOG 101 World Regional Geography, Honors (3) or
    another course in regional geography (3)
  • GEOG 104 Principles of Physical Geography (3) or
    GEOG 107 Principles of Physical Geography, Honors (3)
  • GEOG 105 Introductory Laboratory in Physical Geography (2)
  • GEOG 102 Principles of Human Geography (3) or
    GEOG 103 Principles of Human Geography, Honors (3)
  • GEOG 111 Maps and Mapping (4) or
    GEOG 311 Map Conception and Development (4) or
    GEOG 316 Methods of Analyzing Geographical Data (4) or
    GEOG 358 Principles of Geographic Information Systems (4)

In addition to the core, 15 hours must be selected from at least 3 of the following 4 groups:

Physical Studies

Geographic Information Science

  • GEOG 111 Maps and Mapping
  • GEOG 210 Computers, Maps, and Geographical Analysis
  • GEOG 311 Map Conception and Development
  • GEOG 316 Methods of Analyzing Geographical Data
  • GEOG 319 Topics in Techniques: _____
  • GEOG 357 History and Philosophy of Geographic Information Science
  • GEOG 358 Principles of Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 418 Workshop in Production Cartography
  • GEOG 433 Biogeography Field and Laboratory Techniques
  • GEOG 458 Geographic Information Systems: _____
  • GEOG 511 Intermediate Cartography: _____
  • GEOG 513 Cartographic Design
  • GEOG 514 Visualizing Spatial Data
  • GEOG 516 Applied Multivariate Analysis in Geography
  • GEOG 517 Data Handling and Map Symbolization
  • GEOG 526 Remote Sensing of Environment I
  • GEOG 558 Intermediate Geographical Information Systems
  • GEOG 560 GIS Application Programming
  • GEOG 573 Advanced Geographic Analysis
  • GEOG 658 Topics in Geographic Information Science: _____
  • GEOG 711 Advanced Cartography: _____
  • GEOG 713 Practicum in Cartography
  • GEOG 714 Field Experience
  • GEOG 716 Advanced Geostatistics
  • GEOG 726 Remote Sensing of Environment II
  • GEOG 733 Advanced Biogeography Field and Laboratory Techniques
  • GEOG 758 Geographic Information Science

Human Studies

Regional Studies

Courses with a blank (_____) at the end of their titles are typically topics or seminar courses that may be repeated for credit. Usually these courses offer different topics each time they are taught. Students should check with the course instructor about the requirements to take the course and what the topic will be when it is offered.

Graduation Plan

With careful planning and commitment to a full-time course load, you can graduate in 4 years. Download a sample 4-year plan for geography.

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