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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Students who enter the KU mechanical engineering undergraduate program in the fall of 2011 and after must earn a grade of C or higher in the courses listed below (and any courses used to substitute for them) to enroll in courses that require any of these as prerequisites. (The same requirement holds for any course that has as its prerequisite a course with one of these courses as a corequisite.)

Note: Situations for students who enter the program after they have taken any of the above courses will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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First- and Second-Year Preparation

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree Requirements

The mechanical engineering curriculum builds on the basic foundation of mathematics and physical sciences with engineering applications in 3 primary areas:

  1. Thermal-fluid sciences and design of energy systems.
  2. Mechanical system design and analysis.
  3. Biomechanics and biomaterials.

Engineering science and analysis are emphasized in the early semesters. Design is introduced in subsequent semesters. A capstone design course in 1 of 4 primary areas is required.

Each student must complete the requirements of the 3 general divisions of study listed below. A minimum of 128 credit hours is required for graduation.

Mathematics, Basic Sciences, and Computer Science (37 hours)

Calculus and analytic geometry (MATH 121, MATH 122) 10
Chemistry (CHEM 150)  5
Physics (PHSX 211, PHSX 212)  8
Differential equations and linear algebra (MATH 220, MATH 290)  5
Computer science (ME 208)  3
Numerical methods (ME 508)  3
Statistics (MATH 365)  3

General Education Component (21 hours)

English (ENGL 101, ENGL 102)  6
Economics elective (3 hours)  3
Communication elective (3 hours)  3
Contemporary issues elective (3 hours)  3
Environmental concern elective (3 hours)  3
Ethics elective (3 hours)  3

Engineering Sciences and Design (57 hours)

Thermal system design (ME 312, ME 412, ME 510, ME 612)
Mechanical design (ME 228, ME 501, ME 528, ME 628) 12
Solid mechanics (ME 201, ME 311, ME 420, ME 520, ME 661) 14
Materials and manufacturing (ME 306, ME 307)  5
Engineering laboratory (ME 455)  4
Electricity, electronics, and control systems (EECS 316, EECS 318, ME 682)  7
Capstone Design (ME 641 or ME 642 or ME 643 or ME 644 or ME 645)  3

Approved electives (13 hours). Selected from an approved list in consultation with the adviser.

Credit for ROTC Courses. Up to 7 credit hours of ROTC may be applied toward approved electives.

Credit for Foreign Language Courses. Up to 7 credit hours of foreign language may count as electives.

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