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Bachelor of Music in Music Performance: Organ and Church Music

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Music Performance

Requirements for All Performance Majors

Majors in performance must give a solo public performance in the junior year and a full-length senior recital. A performance major must be within 2 semesters of graduation to present a senior recital. To graduate, majors must also attain a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 in all major field courses.

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Organ and Church Music

The major in organ and church music is available with an emphasis in performance or in church music.

Entrance Requirements

The student is placed in the curriculum by audition. Entering students with no previous training in organ may perform their entrance audition at the piano. To enter the 4-year degree course, the student should demonstrate systematic technical training by the ability to play correctly all major and minor scales and broken chords in octave position in all keys in moderately rapid tempo.

The student should have studied some of the standard etudes, Bach: Little Preludes, a few Bach 2-part Inventions, and compositions corresponding in difficulty to Beethoven: Sonata, op. 49, no. 1; Haydn: Sonata in C Major; Schubert: Scherzo in B-flat Major; Mendelssohn: Easier Songs Without Words; Prokofieff: Children’s Pieces, op. 65; and Debussy: Arabesque.

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B.M. Degree Requirements for the Performance Emphasis

A piano proficiency examination is required. The examination consists of

  1. Demonstration of knowledge of all major and minor scales,
  2. A short work in contrapuntal style,
  3. A short work in harmonic style,
  4. A movement of a sonata, and
  5. Demonstration of ability to read at sight accompaniments of moderate difficulty.

A total of 124 hours is required, distributed as follows:

Music Theory (22 hours)

MTHC 105 Theory I 4
MTHC 115 Theory II 4
MTHC 205 Theory III 4
MTHC 315 Theory IV 4
MTHC 410 Form and Analysis 3
MTHC 541 Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint 3

Musicology (10 hours)

MUSC 320 Music History I 2
MUSC 340 Music History II 3
MUSC 440 Music History III 3
MUSC 480 Music History IV 2

Organ Performance Major Courses

Applied music lessons 32
COND 245 Conducting I 2
COND 345 Conducting II 2
ORGN 608 Organ Pedagogy 2
MEMT 116 Performance Media: Computers, Synthesizers, and Electronics 1
REC 100 Laboratory in Music Performance (4 semesters) 0
Piano (proficiency level of PIAN 284) 4
Ensembles (8 semesters)
ENGL 101, ENGL 102, and ENGL 203, ENGL 209, ENGL 210, or ENGL 211 9
HWC 204 Western Civilization I 3
HWC 205 Western Civilization II 3
Foreign language (first 2 semesters of 1 language) 10
Electives, including at least 12 hours in nonmusic courses; history and literature of religion recommended 16

Note: All B.M. organ majors must enroll in ORGN 320 Studio Class in Organ — Lab and ORGN 502 Master Class in Organ — Lab each semester of residence.

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B.M. Degree Requirements for the Church Music Emphasis

The same piano proficiency as for performance is required. A total of 124 hours is required. Courses should be distributed as described for the major in organ performance with the following exceptions:

  • ORGN 608 is not required.
  • Ensembles must be choral, not band, orchestra, jazz, etc.
Applied Music: Voice 2

Electives must also include at least 12 hours in nonmusic courses. However, recommended courses include REL 345 Christianity and REL 325 Introduction to Judaism.

Note: All B.M. church music majors must enroll in ORGN 320 Studio Class in Organ — Lab and ORGN 502 Master Class in Organ — Lab each semester of residence.

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