USA RTI Status Summary

2010 RTI Survey Results for IDEA-Part B in Iowa

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1. Overall, where is your state with regard to planning or implementing policies and procedures relevant to Response to Intervention in programs for children from 3 to 5 years?

Some local programs have begun to implement RtI models in pre-k settings.

2. If some discussions or activities related to RtI in early childhood are taking place in your state, in what types of settings are these activities occurring:

Early childhood special education
State pre-k programs
Head start programs
Programs with blended funding (e.g.Early Childhood Special Education and Public Pre-K programs)

3. Areas of curriculum in which RtI models are being discussed or implemented:


4. When RtI models are being implemented in early education settings in your state, what specific RtI components are being implemented?

Tier 1 curricula
Systematic progress monitoring
Instructional decision-making model based on progress monitoring data

5. Are there any promising, interesting, or innovative RtI models in your state that could be shared with other programs in other states?


6. Rating of potential challenges to early childhood programs that wish to begin implementing RtI models.

  Little/no challenge Some challenge Moderate challenge Significant challenge
Insufficient trained personnel who could implement the components of RtI.        
Lack of knowledge about how to put together an RtI model in early childhood.        
Lack of evidence-based Tier 1 programs        
Lack of administrative support and leadership        
Lack of intervention strategies for Tier 2 or Tier 3        
Lack of progress monitoring measures        
Difficulty in establishing collaborative relationships between early education and special education systems        
Lack of resources for developing an infrastructure to implement a RtI model        

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