Sue Lunte Research Group


Graduate Students

Iffaaz Salahudeen 9/1991-4/1995
Doug Monroe 6/1992-11/1993
Tommy O'Shea (visiting graduate student)1/1991-8/1991
Marian Deacon (visiting graduate student) 4/1992-12/1992
Min Zhong (chemistry) 1/1993-5/1997, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer Inc.
Simon Zhou (chemistry) 1/1993-8/1994
Fiona Regan (visiting graduate student) 5/1993-12/1993
Xiao Zhou (chemistry) 1/1994-
Dannette Doolittle (chemistry) 9/1993-9/1998, Principal Scientist/Group Leader, DMPK and Bioanalytical Services, ABC Laboratories, Inc., Columbia, MO.
Mike Malone (visiting graduate student)11/1993-6/1994
Kathleen Kostel (pharmaceutical chemistry) 12/1994-1/1998
Nik Chetwyn (pharmaceutical chemistry) 12/1994-9/1997, Senior Scientist, Head of Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry, Genentech, San Francisco, CA.
Sajeevi Gunasekera (chemistry) 12/1995-1/1998
Melissa Perkins (pharmaceutical chemistry)12/1995-8/2000
Anita Freed (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1996-5/2001
Andrew Gawron (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1996-5/2001
Joshua Cooper (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1997-2004
Marie McGrane (visiting graduate student) 6/1998-12/1998
Tiffany Knoll (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1998-2002
Brook Barret, (pharmaceutical chemistry), Graduate school
Stephanie Pasas (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1998-2004
Nathan Lacher (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/1999-2004 , Pfizer (St. Louis)
Bryan Huynh (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/2000-2005, Senior Scientist I, Alcon Research Ltd., Fort Worth, TX.
Barbara Fogarty (visiting graduate student) 5/2000-12/2000
Celeste Frankenfeld (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/2001-8/2006, Schering Plough, New Jersey
Arvind Chappa (pharmaceutical chemistry) 8/2002-8/2006, Bausch and Lomb, Rochester, New York

Dhara Desai
Dhara Desai
8/2003 - 8/2009
Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pradyot Nandi
Pradyot Nandi
8/2003 - 8/2009
Current Position - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Colorado
David Fischer
David Fischer
2003 - 2009
Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Washington University
Courtney Kuhnline
Courtney Kuhnline Sloan
Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Illinois
Giuseppe Caruso
Giuseppe Caruso
International Scholar, University of Catania
Caitlin Schupp
Caitlin Schupp
Current Position:

Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Barry Hogan 1/1992-7/1993
Dr. Tommy O'Shea 2/1992-10/1993
Dr. Hong Zuo 1/1993-1/1995
Dr. Jiaxun Zhou 8/1993-2/1998
Dr. Chandrani Gunaratna 9/1993-5/1994
Dr. Tao Hu 7/1994-12/1995
Dr. Gaby Aced 8/1995-2/1997; 2/1998-10/1998
Dr. Lisa Holland 4/1996-1/1999
Dr. Min Zhong 5/1997-6/1998
Dr. Charles Henry 3/1998-8/1998
Dr. W. Russell Everett 12/1998-9/1999
Dr. R. Scott Martin 6/1999-7/2002
Dr. Kenneth Garrison 8/2000-7/2001
Dr. Brian Carlson 1/2001-2004 (shared with John Stobaugh)
Dr. Walter Vandaveer 8/2001-1/2005
Dr. Barbara Fogarty 10/2002-5/2005
Dr. Janet Tarus 8/2004-05/2007
Matt Hulvey
Matt Hulvey
Postdoctoral Researcher, 2009-2010
Current Position: Senior Scientist - Analytical, Akermin, Inc.

Philip Livanec
Philip Livanec
Postdoctoral Researcher, 2009-2010
Current Position: Senior Scientist: Chemist, Halliburton Energy Services (Bariod Research and Development Group), Houston Texas

Visiting Faculty and Scientists

Dr. Nori Watanabe, summers of 1988, 1989, and 1990
Dr. Paul Weber (Macro-ROA) Summer 1991, 1993-1994
Dr. Mark Nussbaum (Macro-ROA w/C.M. Riley) Summer 1989
Dr. Gary Gray (Macro-ROA) Summer 1992
Dr. Divina Miranda (Macro-ROA) Summer 1995
Dr. Yuanjian Deng (Macro-ROA) Summer 1996
Dr. Fiona Regan Summer
Dr. Christopher J. Dunlap (Macro-ROA) Summer 1998
Dr. Takeshi Fukushima July-September 1999
Dr. Ruri Kikura-Hanajiri July 2000-June 2001
Dr. Nobuyuki Suzuki November 2005-2007
Fracassi da Silva
Dr. Fracassi da Silva
Visiting Scholar, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Campinas, Brazil


Takara Bighorse
Takara Bighorse
Undergraduate Student, Bridge/RISE Program
Jonas Bloedt
Jonas Bloedt
Undergraduate Exchange Student
Emer Duffy
Emer Duffy
Undergraduate Student, Atlantis Program
Christa Snyder
Christa Snyder
REU Student, 2010
Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio
Derek Jensen
Derek Jensen
Undergraduate Student
Shannon Krauss photo
Shannon Krauss
REU student, 2012
Keene State College, Keene, NH
Emilie Mainz
Emilie Mainz
Undergraduate Student
Roy Meyler
Roy Meyler
Exchange Undergraduate, Atlantis Program

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