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Service Areas


  1. Classroom Observation/ Assessment/Data Collection
    Doctoral and masters students will assist in formal and informal assessing of students already identified as a student with special needs under IDEA.

  3. Individual Student Assistance
    Doctoral and masters students may be requested to assist the classroom teacher in developing and implementing academic/behavioral/social interventions with an individual student or a small group of students either in a special education room or in a general education setting.

  5. Staff Development/Inservice Presentation
    Doctoral students will assist masters students in developing staff presentations for a variety of target audiences (general education/special education teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, etc.).

  7. Action Research
    A team of doctoral and masters students will assist districts in narrowing an appropriate topic for research and help in gathering and analyzing data. A written summary of the results will be prepared and presented to the partnering district.