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Online Advising Tool Access

NOTE: This form is for permanent and seasonal non-student employees only. If you are a Student Hourly Employee and you need to request access, please go to this website.
SSN: Last four digits
Kyou Portal ID:
Phone Number: -
Room Number:
Email Address:
Employment Status: Permanent Seasonal
New Position: Yes No
Person Replaced:
Job Title:
List of Job Duties (as they relate to using your Online Advising Tool access):
What type of students do you work with? Undergraduates Graduate Students KUMC Students
What Kind of Advising Tool Access are You Requesting? To run Degree Progress Report(DPR), Checklist, and Advising Report?
Do You Need Additional Access? If you do, please list the security role desired OR describe what you need in detail.
Supervisor/Dept. Head:
Supervisor/Dept. Head Email: