Revisions to Standards Language -- Fall 2009

1. "Preamble" to "Accrediting Standards" on page 40 in the booklet:
The Accrediting Council does not define specific curricula, courses or methods of instruction. It recognizes that each institution has its unique situation, CULTURAL, SOCIAL OR RELIGIOUS CONTEXT, mission and resources, and this uniqueness is an asset to be safeguarded. The Council judges programs against the objectives that units and institutions set for themselves and against the standards that the Council sets forth for preparing students for professional careers in journalism and mass communications IN THE UNITED STATES AND IN OTHER NATIONS. ACEJMC WILL APPLY ITS STANDARDS AND INDICATORS IN COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAWS AND REGULATIONS AND, WHERE APPROPRIATE, WITH RELIGIOUS OR CULTURAL PRESCRIPTIONS AND PRACTICES.

2. Page 42, under Professional Values and Competencies, first bullet:
•understand and apply the principles and laws of freedom of speech and press FOR THE COUNTRY IN WHICH THE INSTITUTION THAT INVITES ACEJMC IS LOCATED, AS WELL AS RECEIVE INSTRUCTION IN AND UNDERSTAND THE RANGE OF SYSTEMS OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AROUND THE WORLD, including the right to dissent, to monitor and criticize power, and to assemble and petition for redress of grievances. [The same change will apply to the bulleted list of professional values and competencies on pages 14-15.]

3. Page 42, third bullet:
•demonstrate an understanding of GENDER, RACE, ETHNICITY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND, AS APPROPRIATE, OTHER FORMS OF DIVERSITY IN DOMESTIC SOCIETY IN RELATION TO MASS COMMUNICATIONS. [The same change will apply to the bulleted list of professional values and competencies on pages 14-15.]

4. Page 42, add new bullet below the one above:
•DEMONSTRATE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE DIVERSITY OF PEOPLES AND CULTURES AND OF THE SIGNIFICANCE AND IMPACT OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS IN A GLOBAL SOCIETY. [The same change will apply to the bulleted list of professional values and competencies on pages 14-15.]

5. Page 45, (b) to read:
(b) The unit's curriculum fosters understanding of issues and perspectives that are inclusive in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, INCLUDING INSTRUCTION IN ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES IN A RANGE OF DIVERSE CULTURES IN A GLOBAL SOCIETY IN RELATION TO MASS COMMUNICATIONS.

6. On page 45, revise (e) to read:
(e) The unit has a climate that is free of harassment and discrimination, IN KEEPING WITH THE ACCEPTABLE CULTURAL PRACTICES OF THE POPULATION IT SERVES, accommodates the needs of those with disabilities, and values the contributions of all forms of diversity.

Online Knowledge and Competency
Standard 2. Curriculum and Instruction Indicator (c) Instruction is demanding and current (emphasis added)...

Standard 4. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Indicator (c) Credentials of the faculty represent a balance of professional and scholarly experience and expertise kept current (emphasis added) through...

Standard 8. Professional and Public Service Indicator (a) The unit is actively engaged with alumni, professionals and professional associations to keep curriculum and teaching current (emphasis added)...